Our leadership team is made up of IT industry experts who know what it takes to build and sustain successful IT organizations that are dedicated to service excellence. Read on to learn more about us.

Bert Morano, Founder and Executive Chairman

As a life-long consultant himself, Bert founded Solving IT in 1992 with the vision of transforming IT departments within Fortune 1000 companies.  Under his leadership, and with support from many valued team members along the way, the one-man shop he started is approaching 25 years of excellence in the IT solutions and recruitment industry and has employed over 800 consultants and full-time employees in its tenure. He continues to be a hands-on leader and is a key supporter of a fun and productive work environment, as well as the IT recruitment industry overall.

Paul Taylor, CEO 

Paul is a dynamic and charismatic business leader who executes strategy against ambitious and challenging goals. Passionate about delivering talent solutions to clients, Paul personifies the positive results of hard work and dedication. A leader from the front and by example, Paul is inspirational to those around him for his high standards, professionalism and steely determination to succeed.


Jason Raclaw, Director – Salesforce Practice

Jason has a magnetic personality with a passion and energy for learning. He possesses a strong business acumen, and is a strategic thinker in the recruitment market.  Jason’s leadership style creates a culture that develops and empowers his employees, and he believes that is the key to unlocking strategic growth. His hands on approach to coaching is part of his DNA that makes him a true success in the industry. Jason previously owned his own staffing firm, and has been in the IT solutions and recruitment industry since 1995.

Alanna Pacelli, Manager – RPO

Passion and team spirit fuel Alanna’s leadership style with a friendly and fun approach. Her creativity and collaborative nature contribute to a positive team and office environment, no matter the task. As a leader, she is willing to teach, as well as learn, through hands-on and proactive management of her team. Alanna has quickly risen through the ranks at Solving IT to become the key driver of strategic accounts.