When hiring, an important part of selecting someone to join us is our ability to demonstrate that we care about their career and that they are looking to develop as a professional.

Once they join, we deliver our promise that we create a working environment where careers can move forward and we invest in their development.

Training and professional development is a key component of our growth and falls into 5 main areas:

What are we individually and collectively trying to achieve is important as is the emotional connection we have with our vision.

Attitude & Culture – The Experience
Leadership, decision making, personal brand, building a career road map, visibility, work-life balance, and most of all – how to make it happen. From free gym membership to promoting active lifestyles, we strongly promote personal wellness.

Business plans. Designed so our people understand the fundamentals of how to grow a business and how executing a set of goals to deliver strategic objectives achieves great results.

Sales Management Playbook
Designed so our people can analyze and understand in detail progress made with their clients and candidates, recent trends, activity and performance levels in real time and growth of their personal brand.

The Solving IT training program is a modular based training program designed to help individuals become the best they possibly can be. Every six months, everyone undergoes skills strength and gap analysis, from which coaching plans are written.