How Will an RPO Provider Help My Business?

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As companies struggle to find the IT professionals they need in a tight labor market, the idea of partnering with a reputable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner often becomes enticing. But, if you haven’t worked with an RPO before, you likely have a lot of questions about how these services can help your business. To help shed some light on the topic here are some of the ways that working with a top-quality RPO can benefit you and your company.

Access to Skilled Recruitment Professionals

If your business is just starting out or you have a lack of appropriate human resources employees, finding qualified professionals to handle your internal hiring might not be plausible. And, without a skilled recruitment team, you might not locate the resources you need for any of your vacant positions.

By working with an RPO provider, you gain access to a full complement of experienced recruiters who can locate top talent based on your needs, giving you access to their industry expertise right from the beginning. This ensures your internal resources aren’t overtaxed and that you have the right combination of skills available at all times.

This approach can be especially beneficial if you are trying to attract specialist skills such as Analytics or Salesforce.

Room for Rapid Scaling

At times, companies experience unexpected growth which necessitates that they hire additional workers quickly to meet rising demand. If you rely purely on a traditional human resources function, your ability to do so today may be limited. Working with a robust RPO partner means you can quickly scale up recruitment efforts.

With an RPO provider, you gain access to additional recruiters whenever the need arises. You can tap into their candidate pool, giving you the ability to connect with leading professionals with greater ease.

Cutting-Edge Technology

RPO is focused on the hiring and recruitment field. This often means they invest heavily in technologies that can help them be more effective when they are filling positions. Typically, businesses can’t always afford to make such investments, meaning you may be missing out on the latest developments. By working with an RPO, you gain access to these advances making your recruitment efforts more powerful than ever.


Utilizing an RPO firm is one of the most cost-effective approaches to hiring. It can be significantly less expensive than hiring your own recruiters and can even beat the prices of some traditional staffing firms. Often, an RPO can offer discounts on their placement fees based on the anticipated volume which can save you a substantial sum when compared to the one-off pricing approach used by many staffing companies. Since an RPO arrangement is long-term, you can leverage this into significant savings, benefiting your bottom line.

If you would like to see how an RPO can benefit your company, the professionals at Solving IT can design a customized plan based on your unique situation. Contact us to discuss your needs today and see how our services can work for you.