What’s in the Upgraded SharePoint 2016?

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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has recently seen some updates designed to add new features while also improving some of the existing ones. Additionally, the system is considered ever-evolving, with updates being applied on a regular basis to introduce more efficient functionality throughout. To help you understand everything the upgrades SharePoint 2016 has to offer, here are some highlights of recent updates to the system.

Improved OneDrive Experience

SharePoint Server 2016 has updated the OneDrive experience to reflect the modern look associated with Office 365. New functionality was also added to make it work for intuitively when compared to the cloud-based iteration of the popular Microsoft Office software suite. Commonly used commands like upload and sync are now prominently featured, making the system more comfortable for those with limited technical experience. You can even upload entire folders when accessing the system through a supported browser.

A Stronger Mobile Experience

Being able to access key documents and files while on the go is a major factor when implementing mobile solutions. With that idea in mind, SharePoint 2016 now has a stronger set of mobile apps designed to make accessing the information your employees need simpler regardless of where they are located and which device they prefer.

Additionally, the mobile browser support is improved to create an easier method for accessing information without the need for an integrated app.

Accessible App Launcher

Regardless of where your employees are within the SharePoint system, they can easily get to the apps they need through the App Launcher. Commonly accessed information is always a simple click or tap away by using the App Launcher icon associated on the top left-hand corner. The menu also resembles the popular tile design, making it feel familiar when compared to other Microsoft product offerings that may be in use in your business.

Intuitive Sharing

Much of what makes SharePoint popular is the ability to share information with others. Now, the included Share button has made the task easier than ever. Simply click or tap the button, add the names of the desired recipients and send it on its way.

The recipients will receive an automated email invitation directing them to the site, allowing them to access the information with just a click or tap. This process works with background functions like permissions, group assignments, and inheritance, but it removes the issues from the surface-level experience for everyday users.

Right-Click Enabled

Many Microsoft product users are familiar with the right-click menu that traditionally displays in applications like Office. Now, SharePoint is right-click enabled as well. Users can access common commands like Open, Delete, Share and more through the right-click options menu instead of having to navigate the traditional menu structure.

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