What You Need to Know About the Salesforce Spring ’20 Release 

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Three times a year, Salesforce comes out with a new release. If I were to summarize all of the updates made this time around, this post would be approximately 100 pages long which no one has time to read. Instead, I’ve highlighted the updates I’m most excited about.  

Task Queue Assignment 

With the latest release, there is additional functionality that increases the ability of users to work together to sell deals.  Now, instead of only being able to assign tasks to individuals or groups, tasks can also be assigned to Queues. With Queues, individual sales team members can tackle tasks when they have availability, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Salesforce has made it easy to set up different Queues in the setup menu, and easily assign tasks to these various queues.  

Snippets for Pardot 

Now with Snippets, marketing users can create reusable content within their marketing assets. These pieces of content can be comprised of text, images, and links and can be reused across multiple email communications or templates, making it even easier to build digital content.  

Data Mask for Sandbox Data 

When working with a Salesforce Partner to implement new changes, it can often be difficult to both protect your customers’ data while providing necessary access to complete the change. Now with Salesforce Data Mask, you are able to anonymize or delete personal information in partial and full sandboxes when refreshing. As a side note, this feature is a managed package that you install in a production organization. When refreshing, you can then run the making process from a sandbox.  

Email Scheduling 

With High Velocity Sales, users can now schedule emails to maximize the likelihood that it will be read. This also allows users to plan ahead for their week and schedule out the emails they need to send or to even pre-schedule emails to send while they might be out on PTO. 

Clone with Related Button 

One exciting new feature is the Clone with Related button. This is an action that can be added to opportunity and campaign page layouts that allows users to not only clone Opportunity and Campaign records, but also all related records as well. This massively cuts down on the time needed to create new records manually or mass data load records.  


These are only a few highlights from the latest release, so be sure to check out the full release notes for a breakdown of the new features that impact your business.