What I learned studying for my Salesforce Admin Exam

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I was a Salesforce newbie when I signed up to take the Salesforce Admin exam. As a newbie, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by Salesforce, as it seemed like another world with its own language. Thankfully, my coworkers lead me to two resources: Salesforce Trailhead and Focus on Force. As I began going through Trailheads and the Focus on Force modules, I found it was best to begin with Trailheads. Salesforce Trailhead is a great tool for beginners, especially those who are unfamiliar with the Salesforce lingo and data model. Trailhead is an interactive way to learn about Salesforce topics, as it provides real life scenarios, videos, and a test org for users to get hands-on-keyboard practice. Here’s a list of Trailheads I found useful: 

  1. Admin Beginner 
  2. Get to Know Salesforce 
  3. Data Modeling 

Focus on Force was second on my study agenda. Focus on Force offers study guides and practice exams for Salesforce certifications. The modules are split into the exam sections, where you read about the topic first and then take a practice exam. After completing all the test sections, users can take full length practice exams. Completing Trailheads before doing Focus on Force was very helpful, as Focus on Force requires a lot of reading. By completing Trailheads prior, I was already familiar with Salesforce lingo and data model, making Focus on Force a (somewhat) breezy read.  

Even when studying for my second and third Salesforce certification, I followed the same method – reviewed unfamiliar topics in Trailhead first, then moved to Focus on Force. I am thankful to my coworkers who steered me in the right direction and look forward to passing more exams with this method!