What I learned from my first Sales Cloud project…

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As a new consultant on my first Sales Cloud project, I learned most of my technical skills. A Sales Cloud project is a good way to start learning basic admin tasks such as data loading, formula fields, validation rules, workflow rules, and process builders. When I think back to my first Sales Cloud project and learning these tasks, I remember thinking it was so difficult! Once I caught on to basic Salesforce language and learned how to be self-sufficient when completing admin tasks, being a consultant became much less intimidating.


Below are some of the tips that helped me on my first Sales Cloud project:


  1. When in doubt, search the Salesforce community. Salesforce has a ton of information online – trailheads, forums, chatter communities, articles. When learning basic admin tasks, it’s best to use your online resources to quickly pick up the basics.
  2. If you don’t understand an error message, whether you’re attempting to build a validation rule or formula, or even data loading or testing a process builder, you can always search the Salesforce community for error messages. Simply searching forums for a similar error message can help you decipher its meaning and potentially find a solution.
  3. Become familiar with data loading considerations. Salesforce has documentation on this, but a common problem I would have when executing my first data loads was updating the format of dates! It can be very frustrating when completing a data load to receive a simple format error. Preparing the formatting before data loading can save time and frustration.
  4. When you are unsure of how to write a formula, validation rule, or process builder, try stepping back from thinking about Salesforce and drawing it out. Sometimes creating a flow chart to look at the process through a Salesforce agnostic lens makes it easier to come up with the best solution. Additionally, use rule 1! There is likely someone else that has created the same solution before you.
  5. This last tip should go without saying, but always test in a Sandbox! It’s best if you have access to a developer sandbox, but you can create a trailhead sandbox if you don’t. In a Sandbox, you can fall back on good ol’ trial and error. This is a great way to learn on a Sales Cloud project.


Once you complete any of the simple Sales Cloud admin tasks one or a few times, it will come as second nature. Then you too will laugh at yourself thinking about how stressed you were on your first Sales Cloud project.