What I learned during my first Service Cloud project

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Great customer service is a critical part of keeping the customer happy. We all know the feeling of submitting a question or concern and receiving an immediate response from the Customer Service team. For example, when I ripped my 2-month-old Madewell jeans (thanks holiday season)Customer Service sent me a new pair free of chargeI now only buy Madewell jeans, mostly because of my positive experience with their Customer Service team. This immediate response from the Customer Service rep is critical in keeping customers happy and coming back. 

Although the name is ‘Sales-force,’ many are unaware Salesforce also offers a platform for Service teams: Service Cloud. Service Cloud helps Service teams answer customer questions or concerns quickly and efficiently, providing great customer experience and 360-degree customer view. 

During my first Service Cloud project, the focus was alerting the Customer Service team to resolve the customer’s concern efficientlyWe discovered this need through understanding the customer persona – a key to designing the right solution. Before implementing the solution, my team and I walked through the customer experience by discussing customer interactions. We discussed customer scenarios which frequently occur, how Service Reps handle the customer concern, and the series of steps to solve a customer concern. Through this exercise, we found that case timeliness was the biggest area for optimization 

To ensure customer concerns are attended to in a timely mannerwe took advantage of the Process Builder feature in Salesforce. A Process Builder is an automation feature where Users select a trigger event and the actions to follow that event. We used a Process Builder to ensure 100% of customer cases were responded to within 72 hours. Typically, when cases are dormant for a certain period, they are escalated using Escalation Rules – a Salesforce feature which changes the Case Owner to another User to make sure a case is handled properly. Our client wanted this result but did not want the case to be reassigned, so we used a Process Builder instead of an Escalation Rule to trigger an email notificationThere is rarely a onesolution-fits-all approach in Salesforce consulting 

This is only one example of the numerous capabilities of Service Cloud. Service Cloud is a great tool to keep your customers happy and to keep them coming back, just like Madewell always has me coming back to their jeans.