What I Learned During My First CPQ Project 

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My first Salesforce CPQ project was one of the most exciting projects I have ever been a part of. To date, it is the Salesforce product that I learned the fastest, in part because of how exciting the product is and how much potential for growth it offers a business.  

You may need to encourage your client to rethink parts of their sales cycle 

CPQ offers a vast array of solutions to many parts of the sales cycle including product selection, contracting, and order generation. Salesforce CPQ excels at offering streamlined ways to both update and improve a business’s sales cycle- and not just by introducing snazzy new tech solutions. During my first CPQ implementation, I quickly realized that merely standing up CPQ was not enough. CPQ works best when its technology is utilized to its fullest potential- and sometimes that means making changes to business processes.  

A good training plan is vital with CPQ 

You can build out the most beautiful, stunning CPQ solution for a client and it won’t matter at all if your client doesn’t know how and when to use it. Training is an important part of any Salesforce implementation- it’s critical that end users know when and how to use what has been built out for them, but it is particularly key for CPQ implementation.  Training can come in many different forms and it’s important to work with the client to determine what is right for their business. Factors that can come into play include whether they have the resources to bring your training team onsite for training, how many CPQ end users there are, and the level of general technical knowledge the team has. For CPQ in particular, the changes can be intimidating to users and a training and rollout plan is vital to ensure maximum adoption.  

Salesforce CPQ is an incredibly powerful tool that almost every sales organization could benefit from. 

By far biggest take away for me from my first CPQ project was that CPQ is an incredibly powerful tool that can be leveraged in myriad ways. Almost any sales organization could benefit from the technology offered by the suite of solutions available with CPQ – whether that be the implementation of a streamlined pricing and discounting structure, cleaning up the contracting process, or moving the order process to Salesforce. CPQ offers something for everyone.