Solutions: Visualforce, Triggers and Apex for Financial Services

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The world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace offers the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes. They had a small team supporting their Salesforce environment and needed additional resources to complete a backlog of development requirements which required deep knowledge of Apex.


When they originally bought Salesforce, it was implemented improperly, and the system adoption and reputation was poor across the entire organization. And due to a constrained budget, the client was supporting their Salesforce system with a very small team. They decided to hire on a new Salesforce Director who was tasked with bringing on new team members to revamp their entire system. The overhaul was meant to earn better recognition and improve user adoption, but due to the existing full-time resources not having the development skillsets needed, they started documenting a backlog of the issues that needed to be resolved.


The client was in need of individuals with expert knowledge in Apex to work closely with the existing team to resolve the outstanding issues and share best practices. After a rigorous vetting process, Solving IT was chosen to select their resources based upon culture fit, industry experience and technical expertise. Once Solving IT identified the new resources, the client was able to quickly begin reducing the backlog of issues through coding, testing and deploying much needed Triggers, Processes, Flows, Visualforce pages and Apex classes.


The client is now able to satisfy internal users enhancement requests in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Salesforce Director is using the success of this project and the positive ROI as further justification for additional funds to increase their use of SalesforceFor instance, the client has decided to move to Salesforce Service Cloud and has obtained additional funding for the extra licenses, as well as Solving IT consulting services. The client is now using an additional Solving IT consultant on their new Service Cloud implementation and expects an equally successful outcome resulting in yet another positive ROI.


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