Why Small Businesses Turn to a Salesforce Implementation

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Small businesses are taking control of their own success with Salesforce.

Running a company can be especially daunting for a small business owner. From managing new customer demands to meeting payroll deadlines, something as complex as a CRM can easily become an afterthought. It’s not for lack of trying, it could be as a result of simply not having the time or financial capital to take on a project of that size. How quickly times have changed!

Over the last few years, many entrepreneurs have been resorting to managing their own Salesforce implementation, understanding that the benefits outweigh the cost. Recently, I partnered with a small firm in Chicago when they decided to take on a new Salesforce implementation. The main challenge was that their corporate office already used Salesforce, but the local franchise wasn’t able to customize their Org due to corporate governance. 

Relatively small in size, they are competing on a grand scale by staying customer focused. Being able to create marketing campaigns to engage their clients with the proper message was an absolute necessity. Leadership realized that data integrity was essential to growing the bottom line. And – like any business, speed to market is critical in providing every advantage possible to your team in the field.

Empathizing with those pain points, we assisted the firm in creating a new Salesforce Org in a matter of days. Being able to identify customer trends is one thing, but being able to capitalize on them is a game changer in a time sensitive environment. What we have discovered is that this is not just a trend with small organizations, but a seismic shift in the market. Our understanding of the Salesforce Org structure, as well as having a recent internal reimplementation under our belts, were both key ingredients to our client’s success. We did it the old fashioned way – we listened, we delivered. 

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