Top Technologies Transforming Business

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The world of technology seems to be changing faster than ever before. Giving companies new opportunities to assess how they do business and make appropriate improvements. But deciding which developments deserve your attention isn’t always clear, as not every technology pans out into the solution it initially appears to deliver.

Certain advances are gaining strong footholds in almost every industry, leading the way to the business world of tomorrow. Here are three top technologies that are worthy of your attention.

Cloud Computing

While cloud computing isn’t necessarily new, advances in the associated security capabilities have made the option more suitable than many in-house solutions. As the level of trust builds, it is easier for companies and IT departments to explore the viability of these systems, regardless of the industry.

Cloud solutions give businesses a significant amount of power and flexibility that may not otherwise be accessible since it doesn’t rely on internal infrastructure and on-staff tech professionals to operate. Now that issues of compliance and security are more reliable, cloud-based solutions should be on everyone’s radar.

Artificial Intelligence

Once only associated with science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is now becoming a part of our everyday lives. Consumer devices, smartphone apps and websites have widely adopted these solutions to improve the user experience and create innovative solutions to ease daily operations.

AI has become an expectation on the part of the buying public, making it a top priority for many business leaders. Internal applications are also becoming more prevalent, especially as big data and analytics are beginning to be seen as mainstream. Potential applications in sales and marketing, particularly as they relate to predictive modeling, are especially noteworthy as businesses compete to gain attention from consumers.

Customer-Oriented Mobile Technology

The iPhone is officially 10 years old, and the impact of smartphone technology on consumer expectations cannot be ignored. More customers turn to mobile devices to get information today than ever before, and companies that fail to produce a mobile-friendly experience may fall by the wayside.

Professionals rely heavily on mobile devices to manage their work-related tasks. Employees expect to be able to access critical data, regardless of their location, making strong mobile offerings a key part of successful business strategy now and in the future.

Solutions such as Salesforce aim to relieve some of the pressure placed on IT teams in the battle to stay ahead of competitors. Many of their solutions make it easier to develop robust and highly capable mobile apps that can keep business moving forward even when a computer isn’t available. The use of cloud-based systems with the integrated power of AI can help you stay ahead.

If you would like to know more about these technologies and what Salesforce can do for your company, the knowledgeable staff at Solving IT have the information you need to make smart decisions about your future. Contact us to discuss your needs and see how our customized approach can work for you.