The Missing Key to Effective Communication

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This article about 10 Keys to Effective Communication presents the paradox of effective employee communication process.  While personal communication can be easy, communication with employees can be difficult.  Here are the 10 keys to clearer employee communication.

  1. Never start at the beginning
  2. Understand the business drivers
  3. Integrate
  4. Don’t waste people’s time
  5. Get real
  6. Listen as much, or more, than you speak
  7. Prioritize your messages
  8. Consider an internal review board
  9. Don’t fall in love with your communication product or process
  10. Measure and monitor your effectiveness over time

But, there’s something missing.

The Missing Key: Body Language

Verbal communication is extremely important in terms of the communication process, but it is only a fraction of the equation.  Body language, how we communicate to individuals non-verbally, is extremely important for two reasons.  First, it sends the right message to people.  The second reason is it gives us the ability to read how our message was interpreted by the signals that are being sent back.  If the individuals are sending the wrong non-verbal signals, the message that is trying to be communicated is effectively lost.

You should practice good body language techniques to ensure that your message is being communicated correctly.  Don’t shy away from a someone you’re speaking to, but maintain a relaxed non-slouching position.  It is also extremely important that your body is communicating that you are attentive in the current conversation.  Make eye contact and occasionally nodding to acknowledge the main points of the conversations.  Refrain from crossing your arms and avoid any nervous ticks.

To effectively send a correct message, it is important to have strong verbal and non-verbal communication cues.  Effective communication is essential to make and maintains relationships, to learn, and to teach.

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