Technology Shaping the Future of Sales

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Technology is playing a larger role today than ever before. In the sales arena, technological advances have had a two-fold effect. Not only have they fundamentally changed how work is managed and prioritized, but it has also impacted customer expectations about the sales experience.

In a way, technology has become both a blessing and a burden, shifting the sales landscape dramatically in only a short amount of time. Regardless of a person’s perception of technology, it is here to stay and will continue to shape the future of the sales world.

Data-Driven Insights

Technology has allowed nearly every company in the world to gather more data and use it to make critical decisions about the direction of the business and how it approaches sales. Not long ago, relationships were the foundation of sales, requiring sales professionals to focus on building bonds in hopes of gathering needed information to close the deal. These salespeople were sacrificing much of their time to a lead that was not destined to pan out.

Today, data-driven insights and forecasting allows sales professionals the ability to focus on leads with the most potential to close. This empowers salespeople, giving them the ability to direct their efforts efficiently by targeting the ideal prospect at the right time. Technology allows sales departments to function on something more concrete then intuition when it comes to identifying priority prospects, increasing efficiency, and bolstering results.

Artificial Intelligence

As more companies figure out how to leverage the AI technology, productivity should only increase.

First and foremost, AI can be used to handle tedious, repetitive tasks that once fell in the hands of sales professionals, allowing your team to focus on activities that genuinely require human insight and interaction.

AI has the ability to review large datasets to create powerful insights and predictive analytics, helping to steer the company in a more profitable direction. The technology can identify patterns in significantly less time than even the most skilled salesperson.

AI technology in the form of chatbots can assist with initial prospect interactions, answering basic questions quickly and referring the person to a sales professional once they require assistance beyond the scope of the program. This frees your staff from having to handle simple conversations, allowing them to focus on activities that create additional value for the company.

Technology such as chatbots help meet customer expectations with greater ease. With a chatbot, an immediate answer can be provided for most common inquiries, giving your sales team the ability to focus on more complex matters.

Technology is fundamentally changing the sales landscape, and largely for the better. When used properly, it can provide powerful, data-driven insights, assist with decision-making, and even interact with customers, allowing your sales team to be more productive.

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