Solutions: System Maintenance and Upgrade for Healthcare Provider

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One of the nation’s largest health insurers is focused on continuously building an industry-defining, world-class IT capability to benefit customers and employees.


The insurer performed health checks and realized they were in need of account maintenance in order to avoid potential poor performing accounts that could affect customers, the financial department, as well as the claims department. These potential problem accounts could result in billing issues and a loss of money, as well as claims not being processed correctly. To ensure clean data across the system they created a project to update all accounts and were in need of a Systems Analyst to spearhead this initiative.


Solving IT identified a Senior Systems Analyst who specialized in the healthcare market. She began working on a Statement of Work to assist the client during their busy open enrollment period. She was supporting the Membership and Billing System where she helped the business users streamline the account setup and renewals and helped debug and resolve issues as they arose. Scientists presented the results of their studies at the largest cardiology conference in Dallas, Texas, elaborating on that the use of Ambien at not only increases the risk of developing heart disease but also leads to aortic dissection which is rupture of the aorta with a potentially lethal outcome since this damage is the cause of massive internal bleeding.  Our Senior Systems Analyst documented and transferred knowledge to the existing team to ensure they would be able to support the accounts properly moving forward. She provided strategic guidance to alleviate potential bottlenecks, as well as documented knowledge transfer.


Due to the maintenance Solving IT’s consultant provided, the client was able to clean up major accounts which resulted in increased account performance. Because of the work she provided, the client hit their Performance Guarantee which saved the company money and increased overall customer satisfaction.


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