Surf Data With Bombora: The Rise of B2B Intelligence

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When your primary customers are other businesses, you need a unique approach to business intelligence designed to meet those needs. But this sort of data isn’t always as accessible through many of the analytics solutions available today. And that is where Bombora comes in.

What is Bombora?

Bombora is a company that provides a solution for companies operating in the business-to-business (B2B) sector in regards to their customers. The solution focuses on allowing organizations to use surge data as a method for identifying which target companies are actively researching solutions that match your product and service offerings. The concept, referred to as Intent Data, allows you to see when a target company is in the market, allowing you to take action proactively to secure a sale.

Understanding Intent Data

Intent Data is information regarding a company’s intention to research or purchase certain products or services. Bombora gathers information about what these organizations are researching, producing reports that show when you should actively market to these target companies. The approach is predictive in nature, relating specific activities to the intention to buy. And that allows you to position your business effectively through directed marketing efforts designed to entice companies that are interested in your product line today.

Benefits of Targeting In-Market Customers

Attracting customers is a priority for any B2B-oriented company. Bombora simplifies the marketing process by letting you know which potential customers are actively in-market today. Instead of blindly directing marketing and sales efforts at companies who may not currently be interested in your offerings, your business can actively pursue customers that have expressed an interested in products and services like yours.

Often, getting the attention of in-market customers is easier than trying to create interest from scratch. Many companies that have begun researching products and services in your niche are essentially poised to buy. This means they already understand your offerings provide a benefit to their operations, eliminating the need to convince them choosing the product or service is the right move.

This means your sales and marketing teams can pursue hot leads at precisely the right time, and choose an approach that will suit the individual potential B2B product buyer. Since the materials can be customized based on where the target company currently stands, you can make a significant impact just when they are ready to hear the pitch.

Salesforce Integration

If your business is already a user of Salesforce, you can integrate the Bombora data directly into your current system. That means everything your sales and marketing teams need to manage their efforts is available in a single solution, making it highly accessible. Simply identify your targets, access the data and you can be on your way to a more effective B2B marketing plan.

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