Solutions: Siebel Administration

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A ship can’t have two captains; the movie needs a supporting cast; the pilot needs a co-pilot.  Solving IT works with many large clients who execute substantial, enterprise wide projects and need to bring on additional players to do the heavy lifting.


Customers who subscribe to the service can run their call center operations without the need to invest in hardware, software and CTI resources, which are traditionally required to build a call center. The integration between PeopleSoft CRM and CCOD provides CTI capabilities for PeopleSoft customers without the need to install any CTI-specific equipment’s at customers’ premises.  This type of center is a money and time saver for our clients.


There is a true challenge finding Siebel Administrators who have hands on experience supporting administration and operations of on premise call center Siebel implementations.  Enter our Solving IT consultant.  She was able to help this project along by collaborating with her team on process improvements that have an enterprise-wide impact.


Her knowledge of Project Management methodologies and knowledge of insurance and insurance industry terminologies helped to ensure the overall implementation happened without a hitch.