Solutions: Salesforce Implementation for STEM Education

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A major university STEM program transferred its previous pro bon Salesforce Org to a new and improved Org with additional functionality.


After thoughtful reevaluation of Salesforce as a tool, this department determined that it was still the best choice despite the previous non-transferrable non-profit licenses. With budget constraints and data migration pains, this institution needed a partner to not only migrate existing data, but complete the migration and setup in a way that could enable continued and increased future success.


Solving IT’s project manager conducted an initial scoping call to define goals and processes, with periodic reviews throughout the process. By creating custom workflows to automate otherwise tedious processes, our team was able to save this company both time and opportunity for error when processing critical applications.


Through modifications made in the new instance, this organization has saved a significant amount of time compared to the manual processes of the previous org. Properly migrating the data due to ownership restrictions was also critical to the project – and successfully executed.