Solutions: Salesforce Implementation for Premium Gifts

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A premium gift company needed a functional and efficient CRM to organize their annual corporate meeting and convention process.


After an intense evaluation of a handful of CRM options, this premium gift provider landed on Salesforce CRM to deliver their goals when it came to collating their clients’ conference and event demands for promotional products. In their current system, various contacts within accounts were disjointed and file clutter was rampant across the database.


With an internal goal to launch at the beginning of their fiscal year, Solving IT stepped in to immediately consolidate and migrate data from three legacy systems. From there, customized workflows and processes were developed to enable April sales to count toward the new fiscal year and build the database right off the bat.


As a Phase I effort, to be followed with accounting and Pardot integrations, this company has already seen soft returns on the implementation, including a huge step forward in data organization. Using this newly organized data, they are now able to create custom reports to automate touchpoints and ongoing opportunities with their customers, as well as concentrate on outbound lead efforts.