Solutions: Salesforce Implementation for Marketing Agency

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Specializing in the industrial technology space, this marketing agency was determined to adopt Salesforce as both an industry and company standard.


With a large portfolio of clients and dealer networks, a CRM technology is crucial at all levels for this marketing organization. Leveraging Salesforce and its powerful capabilities only enhances their reputation and learning curve with clients. Their legacy system wasn’t delivering, and being able to manage data effectively, capture form data, and pull custom reports were all must-have results from this implementation.


Solving IT’s project manager swiftly implemented the Org, which was not using the standard format such as opportunities. Instead, Solving IT redefined roles and objects within Salesforce in accordance with the business case and repackaged certain pieces of the technology to fit their hierarchical structure. By trimming back standard workflows, and creating status updates such as “ready to bill” – this agency was able to accept custom requests, as well as communicate updates to clients and dealers much more effectively.


They are now using their Org as a support system to track different communications within their dealer networks. They have improved their workflow with the ability to log requests and generate work orders. The new capacity to reformat client forms has also significantly improved their data quality. Since they were so pleased with the implementation, they are now interested in expanding into marketing automation tools that are compatible with their Salesforce Org.