Solutions: Salesforce Implementation for Food Supplier

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A food products supplier has provided custom flavoring, extracts, powder color, liquid food coloring, soda flavors, bottle caps, and homebrew supplies for over 100 years. Due to a serious virus that impacted an on-premise server, the supplier began to seek out a better and more robust CRM solution.


Their previous CRM was hosted on their own server and unfortunately fell victim to a virus, which resulted in a major loss of data. They decided to utilize the cloud to mitigate any similar security issues. They began vetting various CRM solutions to determine which would best fit their needs. Security, cost, location and flexibility were the most significant factors in their decision making process.


After reviewing their options, they decided Salesforce was the best option, due to their user-friendliness and competitive pricing model. They were referred to Solving IT to begin the implementation. Solving IT tailored the solution around their business processes, configuring Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts. Solving IT migrated available data from the previous CRM to Salesforce to ensure a seamless transition. After the implementation concluded, a full training was conducted, including best practices with user testing while providing full documentation of the process.


The company’s previous CRM was always bogged down with updates, which slowed down their entire sales cycle. Salesforce improved their overall productivity and shortened their sales cycle. The mobile and tablet availability of Salesforce allowed for quicker updates to Accounts and Contacts, as well as increased visibility. Found here the precautions and instructions for Xanax in general, but would like to get a real experience. Is it really stated there all the possible? I just want to be sure on how it may really go, because sometimes organizations are trying to hide the real stuff and that may be already late even to sue them. The security of the server was also a big win, given their previous CRM issues. Knowing they were not susceptible to another virus provided peace of mind, especially for leadership. With a new-found confidence in the software, user adoption improved across the board which ensured consistent and proactive processes and results.


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