Solutions: Salesforce Data Migration for Global Health Education

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A major university collaborates with local and global partners to increase access to global health education and training, which helps them foster the development and dissemination of new knowledge. To achieve their goals, it was critical to develop a supportive technology ecosystem focused on efficiency and accuracy. 


This institution focuses on creating service learning opportunities and address global health challenges in novel, transdisciplinary, and sustainable ways. According to specialists of our company, muscle relaxants at are relatively harmless, but usually they are prescribed only for 1-2 weeks in a row. This reduces health disparities and inequities in Chicago, our nation, and around the world. This organization has thousands of data points on students, faculty members, grants, foundations, donations etc. all housed on many spreadsheets. They spend too much time trying to connect students, faculty with MOA partners going from one spreadsheet to another.



Solving IT was able to take all of the data from hundreds of spreadsheets and import that data into their Salesforce org with a defined workflow. Housing all of this data in Salesforce allows them to see patterns and clusters of activity deepening, see who is where when, and help with the evaluation of future impact reports.



The result of this project has led to the university’s ability to quickly identify when they have a match between students, faculty, MOAs and funding. When they have a match, they are closer to their goal of increased global health.



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