Solutions: Power BI and SSRS for Product Development

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One of the world leaders in direct marketing and product development understands and identifies their customer’s aesthetic and emotional needs that can they fulfilled with inspired offerings. Each day they bring high-value and affordable goods to people all across the globe.


The client needed to design and implement a new central data repository with data from multiple operating systems to create more specific data marts to be utilized by different departments. This would ultimately lead to the website marketing department receiving full access to all data through Power BI and SSRS.



Challenges arose when determining what data was in each system, as well as creating a central structure that worked for every situation.  Corralling the mainframe data also became a difficult feat, as it was structured in poor format. Solving IT provided a Business Intelligence Analyst to the department to deliver the database design, ETL work, documentation of data, and the implementation of Power BI.



The results allow improved access to data saving the marketing team time that was previously used in gathering data from multiple operating systems. They are now able to spend more time on data analysis that results in more effective marketing efforts.


As the project progresses and more data is added, they will continue to improve their analysis capabilities, as well as begin to power various department’s projects.