Solutions: Healthcare ASO Plan Implementation

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One of the largest health insurance companies in the nation offers a wide variety of health and life insurance products through its HQ and subsidiaries. They employ more than 50,000 people worldwide and serve more than 15 million members.

Due to a need to provide a product offering in the market that has value to existing new employer groups, the company decided to implement a new Administrative Services Only (ASO) plan. This new product offering will fill a gap in the market for small group enrollments that are currently being met by competitors. This project includes improved tracking of enrollment and quoting requests, and improved efficiency of requested data.

Solving IT provided a senior-level Healthcare Business Analyst SME to implement the product. Over a year-long project, our consultant has successfully:

  • Led numerous technical delivery meetings
  • Maintained technical delivery dashboard spreadsheet
  • Setup and facilitated informational demo sessions
  • Setup and facilitated post-release feedback and Q&A sessions
  • Uploaded documentation of meeting notes, delivery documents, project decision approvals, and minutes to SharePoint for stakeholders and project management
  • Efficiently communicated between project management, IT, business areas, and delivery teams

After overcoming issues of legacy systems requiring meticulous and time-consuming effort for code changes, countless systems touched and impacted, and technical scope creep of business requirements, the new ASO plan was successfully implemented. There are many effective medicines at which can normalise love life and the most famous among them, undoubtedly, is Viagra. This initiative has led to increased sales and renewals for the product offering.

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