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A leading eCommerce site was in need of an experienced Project Manager to lead an overhaul of their online sales tracking and reporting system, to include a new platform for enhanced analytics. 

Working within a complex data environment encompassing Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2 and Adabas data sources, the project sought to establish a data governance strategy that would ultimately move the enterprise toward the Microsoft BI stack as their reporting and analytics tool of choice.  In addition to a complex data environment internally, the reporting platform also was importing external data sources and persisting them in an ad hoc manner in various Excel spreadsheets, MS Access databases and Cognos reports as interim data sources. This processing environment contributed to a lack of visibility and consistency in understanding the daily sales results, conflicting versions of expense and digital campaign management and tracking, an inability to calculate ROI on ad spend and other KPIs critical to the overall success of the enterprise. The scale of the challenge of tracking and managing the online sales process reached into every possible Enterprise data source and affected or was affected by every part of the organization’s operation.

Throughout the duration of the project, multiple divisions and departments participated in a comprehensive needs and requirements analysis to reboot the existing reporting capability and create an analytic environment within the business and technical teams responsible for the online sales enterprise. The change management effort involved with articulating the value and challenge of the process improvement in reporting capability and the day-to-day impact on their existing processes was daunting. Within the scope of this project lies requirements gathering, solution design and technical oversight of leveraging the opportunity of new advances in eCommerce technologies and industry best practices involving digital marketing, customer analytics and web analytics to ensure the company’s continued competitive advantage in a fast-moving and dynamic eCommerce environment. Increased visibility into the online operation of the Enterprise will give online marketers the ability to make better decisions to increase sales volume, digital campaign effectiveness, customer experience and overall profitability.

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