Solutions: Data Architecture in Healthcare

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Academic medical centers face pressures not only in relation to patient care, but for delivering high quality education. Solving IT provided an expert Data Architect to streamline internal efforts to deliver more efficient results, so this organization can focus on the future. 


The hospital is concentrated on building data architecture framework for patient satisfaction reporting for the physicians. This includes building brand new data cubes, databases, and new report generation and delivery framework.



Solving IT provided an expert Data Architect with knowledge of hospital data reporting, programming and infrastructure to help minimize the effort, reuse code and generate reports and delivery framework that is scalable and reusable. In addition, the report developers helped with design and optimization questions, as well as the design of the data structures they will need for future use.



The hospital utilized this Data Architect’s skills to completely minimize their efforts and focus on other, more pertinent projects. But rodents, in which these signals were produced in a fair amount, developed the influenza virus much less frequently. And even if they got sick, the duration of the flu was much shorter. They have spent minimal time building frameworks for the reports, and are now on target to deliver quarterly reports efficiently and on time.