Solutions: Application Upgrade for Financial Services Firm

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One of the world’s most prominent financial services firms provides innovative derivative products, services and technologies to the global financial market. They needed to upgrade a very large and complex application that had been developed 20+ years prior.


The implementation efforts required extensive planning, time and resources. The day to day responsibilities began to take up too much time which resulted in numerous unwanted errors and issues. Additionally, because there were so many moving pieces, a breakdown of communication occurred between the IT and business units.


Solving IT was able to provide an experienced Project Manager to help bridge the gap in this collapse of communication. In a short period of time he was able to improve these difficulties by implementing daily meetings where each plan was updated and tracked. At the weeks end, the Project Manager condensed these notes into an executive summary which was then sent to Senior Leadership to ensure consistent communication. Other responsibilities included tracking the project, creating deadlines, reports, budgets, as well as allocating and managing resources.


Because of the Project Manager’s hard work and dedication, they were able to secure additional funding for the project, which lead to a much needed extension. He was also able to get multiple methodologies approved that revolved around development and research. Due to Solving IT’s Project Manager, this firm was able to upgrade the extremely large and complex application, as well as improve overall lines of communication.


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