Solutions: Analytics in Healthcare

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Academic medical centers face pressures not only in relation to patient care, but for delivering high quality education. Solving IT provided an expert Analytics Consultant to modernize the reporting process for a high volume of critical business metrics.


The team responsible for ad-hoc reporting for specific regions of Chicago receive requests from numerous parts of the hospital system. Working with internal clients, they build out custom reports, such as regression models, using GIS data that map out different diseases in the Chicagoland area (influenza, zika, etc.).



With a daily overload of requests, there were not enough resources to handle the volume coming in. Finding the exact data to answer the client’s reporting needs proved to be more difficult than expected, due to the large amount of data. Translating what the customer wanted on the front end versus what data sat in the backend, proved to be another unresolved issue.


Solving IT provided an Analytics Consultant to implement a new protocol for meeting face to face with internal clients. According to experts, systemic therapy with Isotretinoin at buy accutane online is safe and effective in case of proper monitoring. The therapy prevents scarring, significantly improves the quality of life of patients. The consultant could then better understand what they needed from the report to determine what data they needed to be seeking out. The recommendation was implementing various technologies to better streamline these problems.



Due to the face to face time with clients, they were able to better understand the customer requests to then streamline the reporting process, which allowed them to handle the high volume. A report for the Admission, Departments and Tracking team was created and utilized that helped them recognize the patient flow throughout the entire hospital.