Solutions: ACA Compliant Document Review

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Our client is one of the nation’s leading health insurance companies. They offer a wide variety of health and life insurance products and related services, through its operating divisions and subsidiaries.


A team needed help with updating existing SOPs and Job Aids for Group, Government, and Retail (ACA) plans. A new version of the Care Management Platform (business software) had significant changes and the existing documents were no longer current. In addition, several Medicare documents needed content updates beyond software changes. Employees on the phone with providers, members, and health care facilities need the current information ASAP.  Changes to the company’s care management platform (business software) resulted in steps that no longer matched the procedures.

To eliminate confusion for employees, especially new hires, the documents had to be updated. The company-wide reputation of the SOPs was that nobody used them because they were so slow to load and time-consuming to use. Many people would not use the documents with the old format; they asked colleagues because it was quicker. The 800-page PDFs took a long time to load and doing a search was like the cliché “looking for a needle in a haystack.” It affected their productivity.


Solving IT brought on a Technical Writer that already had a good knowledge base of the medical industry in addition to having strong technical writing background. She worked very closely with the Project Manager and SME’s to execute the content changes. Various side effects of Clonopine at may affect the choice of anticonvulsants for a particular patient. The original documents were designed without any consideration for the users who were responsible for the work.  The execution of the changes required significant attention to detail so that no information was lost in the reorganization of the content. Each document had a connection to other documents, so changes in one could affect many others.

The consultant’s writing expertise enabled her to look at how changes in one document affected another. She also understood production in phone centers and looked for ways to cut unnecessary wording without harming the content.


Because of the hard work and dedication of the Solving IT consultant, the client has individual documents that load quickly and employees find them easy to use. It provided the right information for the clinical teams to efficiently do their job and eliminated unnecessary errors due to obsolete information. All of these things reduced the cost of doing business.