Salesforce Einstein Is Changing Sales as We Know It

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When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software Salesforce is the dominant product on the market, and with good reason.

Salesforce has always been a comprehensive solution, and with the addition of Einstein it has become even more powerful. Einstein, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has made sales smarter allowing professionals to concentrate on the higher return activities such as actually talking to customers.

If you aren’t sure why Salesforce Einstein should be considered a revelation, here’s what you need to know.

Using Your Data to Create Value

Einstein uses your information to accomplish a number of feats, including pinpointing ideal sales opportunities, allowing you to be both predictive and proactive.

Ultimately, your data is only as powerful as the solution driving it. Einstein can help you make money from day one without increasing your workload.

Predictive Capabilities

One of the best features of Einstein is its ability to anticipate. It can use data to predict what your customers will need before they have requested anything, as well as help you handle customer service issues proactively. The solution recognizes patterns in your data, allowing it to anticipate which sales leads are most likely to convert into customers.

Personalized Marketing

Einstein gives you the ability to personalize your marketing efforts based on the customer and their unique journey. You can create materials that speak to where they are today, and where Einstein anticipates they want to be, this enables your marketing efforts to be much more effective.

Not only does this mean less time is required to handle certain marketing activities, but also provides a shorter path between finding a lead and securing a sale.

Easy to Use

Like all Salesforce products, Einstein’s learning curve isn’t steep. Most people who are familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem can begin using the power of Einstein quickly, as majority of the system is highly intuitive.

Einstein is also widely available, being featured in the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Community Cloud. This means you can access Einstein’s capabilities regardless of your preferred system.

As an added bonus, many of Einstein’s features are available on mobile devices. This allows on-the-go sales professionals to access critical data and insights from nearly anywhere.

Ultimately, Einstein has the potential to revolutionize sales in a meaningful way. Making it easier to manage sales-related tasks and stay ahead of customer’s needs. Einstein gives you the power to create a more efficient, productive and profitable sales team, which is something that’s hard to ignore.

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