Salesforce Continues to Change Industries

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In the lands of B2B sales and customer management, nothing has changed the business world quite like Salesforce. From humble beginnings as a CRM tool, Salesforce is now a robust platform that is practically a must-have for any company operating in the B2B space, regardless of their associated industry. And thanks to their cloud-based solutions, implementing Salesforce is an option for the vast majority of businesses, allowing them to have a wide range of helpful tools without the need for expensive infrastructure additions.

Salesforce App Cloud

One part of the Salesforce solution that continues to change how companies manage their business is the Salesforce App Cloud. This includes a range of development tools that allow technical professionals to create customized applications that operate on the Salesforce platform. gives developers the ability to create websites featuring Salesforce information, while the Lightning framework gives additional options in web and application development within the Salesforce cloud environment.

And for those looking to create customized apps quickly, the Lightning components provide a quick drag-and-drop method using self-contained app portions, shortening the amount of time required to get a quality result.

For those who aren’t necessarily interested in internal development, the AppExchange provides access to a range of free and paid apps that integrate with the platform, allowing businesses to use the creations for their own needs.

Salesforce Einstein

Not looking to be outdone by competitors, Salesforce Einstein is the company’s entry into the artificial intelligence space. The intent of the solution is to improve daily activities to then improve productivity using practical methods and direct integration into the larger Salesforce platform. Areas like lead scoring, marketing campaign management, and customer service may be enhanced thanks to the technology, and it will be completely native within the existing environment.

The company aims to improve employee workflows through the collection and analysis of relevant data, allowing the system to manage a portion of the tedium and, hopefully, speed results. For example, the AI could review a worker’s email to make recommendations about scheduling follow up calls or when to reach out with a particular marketing effort.

Unlike other AIs, Salesforce Einstein is designed specifically for CRM, focusing on customer service, sales, and marketing while also integrating IoT. The engine isn’t intended as a general-purpose solution, so the design could target concerns of B2B business and customer management.

The Future of Salesforce

As a company, Salesforce is focused on being at the forefront of CRM development, looking for ways to bring emerging technologies to their customers in a highly accessible way. Which allows them to continue to evolve in the business world, touching a wide array of industries.

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