How RPO Can Make Your Company More Flexible

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At times, the traditional hiring process can be cumbersome. You often have limited options of how to bring workers onto your payroll, which can be particularly burdensome if your staffing needs vary seasonally or spike and drop unexpectedly. Managing unemployment costs can be particularly frustrating, especially when you know you won’t require the same number of employees in the future. And ramping up to meet higher production demands is generally a time-consuming process, leaving you to fall behind while you try to find the right talent.

Luckily, there is a solution to many of your hiring headaches. RPO services provide flexibility without sacrificing the quality of your workforce.

Greater Scalability

By partnering with a reputable RPO provider, you can enjoy the benefits of increased scalability without the drawbacks associated with fluctuations in your core employees. You can gain access to a solid contingent workforce designed to grow and shrink based on your precise needs at a moment’s notice. This ensures you can always take advantage of opportunities that require a significant immediate investment in production or swiftly scale back when the peak season ends.

Access Specialized Skills

On occasion, you may need access to a skill set that isn’t present, or even necessary, in your core staff. Typically, these needs are based on shorter-term projects, so you might be reluctant to add a permanent hire if the skills are not required over the long-term.

When you partner with an RPO provider, you can locate highly skilled candidates who are open to short-term assignments. This gives you the ability to complete your project without the commitment associated with a permanent hire, so you can both simply part ways when the project is complete.


When using traditional hiring methods while looking for a permanent employee, it can be difficult to assess if a candidate will truly be successful since you can’t observe them in the role before making an offer. By working with an RPO provider, you can enter into contract-to-hire arrangements with top talent, allowing you to bring them into your workplace before offering them a permanent position.

You gain the power to perform a working interview, allowing you to bring a star performer onto your team or release a worker that didn’t quite fit with greater ease. That way, you can make a confident hiring decision without the challenges associated with bringing them on and off your payroll, if things do not work out.

If you are interested in seeing how an RPO provider can benefit your business, the knowledgeable team at Solving IT can create a personalized plan designed to provide you with the flexibility you need. Contact us today to see how our hiring services can work for you.