Solutions: QA Analyst for Financial Services Firm

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An industry leading and technologically advanced trading firm maintains its distinguished reputation by consistently staying up to date with regulatory standards. The firm seeks top-notch expertise and immense diligence in its consultants to carry out these requirements.


This firm was in need of an experienced QA Analyst to test an application that provided external client-facing financial reports. It was essential for them to select an individual who could not only ensure these reports were compliant with regulatory standards, but also someone who has valuable industry knowledge and a passion for growing within an organization.


Solving IT was able to identify a highly skilled and multifaceted QA Analyst who had the dexterity to make a lasting impact in a short period of time. The consultant was tasked with creating and maintaining test cases for back office applications, as well as verifying and troubleshooting the test results. His versatile skillset paired with his autonomous nature permitted him to work efficiently to deeply analyze the extensive requirements and review numerous functional specifications that the reports required.


The organization found themselves in good hands with Solving IT’s consultant, who was able to greatly improve the accuracy of these financial reports. This individual demonstrated an unmatchable work ethic, specifically pertaining to the development of test strategies and scenarios. His technical skills in Java, C++, SQL and Linux, as well as his industry and business knowledge, allowed him a holistic approach resulting in the successful completion of the projects deliverables.


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