Solutions: Project Management for Major Health System

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A major Health System, who provides the most advanced healthcare solutions to communities and patients, was at a standstill with two critical system implementations due to lack of qualified resources. Known for their commitment to superior quality and academic excellence, they were in need of a seasoned Project Manager to spearhead the initiative and manage budget, tasks and timelines efficiently.


In order to stay relevant in the market and continue their dedication to superior quality and excellence, these two projects could not wait any longer. The first project required consolidation of all areas and aspects of their current Fetal Monitoring System into a new Epic Interfaced Fetal Monitoring system, while the second project focused on the consolidation of the ECG MUSE systems into one central database.

Before executing on the delivery of these initiatives, it was essential to hire a high-level professional to create a clearly defined plan, streamline communication, and monitor teams, timeline, and budgets. After spending nearly one year looking for the right Project Manager to drive these initiatives, they were desperate for great talent.


Solving IT’s thorough, yet efficient recruiting process resulted in the delivery and hire of a Senior Project Manager who possessed the relevant healthcare experience needed for this project. She began by aligning with the PMO initiatives to ensure tracking and management issues were escalated, then building appropriate vehicles to improve overall communication.

After gaining access to their Project Web Access (PWA), the Project Manager created and developed project plans for both projects concurrently.  Knowing how critical communication is to any project, she initiated continual updates of the status onto their PWA and scheduled all planned communications to alleviate tedious tasks for project teams.  She also replaced weekly technical and project updates with a high-level monthly project update meeting in order to maximize time and productivity.


Due to the tireless efforts of Solving IT’s Project Manager, the client gained critical project plans and presentations to standardize workflows and centralize data access to their users. These project completions increased access to patient records across all Hospital Groups, which improved patient compliance and safety. Viagra is a real salvation for many men! Fortunately, in the time of modern scientific achievements erectile dysfunction at is no longer a severe problem. While scoping the project into phases and separating costs, the consultant reduced costs significantly and increased cost containment. The client is now able to successfully forecast and track timelines, progress, and communication between all project teams, which they were not able to complete before.


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