Solutions: Producer Management System Implementation

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Known for their commitment to superior quality and academic excellence, one of the nation’s largest health insurers provides the most advanced healthcare solutions to communities and patients. To continue their focus on building an industry-defining, world-class IT capability to benefit customers and employees, they would need to implement a new producer management system to enable their staff to be more productive and efficient.


Producers are one of the main pillars at any Health Insurance provider, responsible for managing the existing customer base and exploring opportunities to expand the company’s foot print. In order to stay on top of the industry, the client decided to update their producer management system. A new system was proposed that would comprehensively manage the producer lifecycle starting from onboarding through to termination. To ensure a smooth implementation, they were in need of an additional resource to spearhead this initiative.


Solving IT identified a highly skilled IT Business Consultant who not only had excellent specialist knowledge in this field, but a strong track record of leasing projects that delivered success. He quickly started by analyzing their existing system and performing GAP analysis to provide the best recommendations to the business. He collaborated with internal and external vendors to reduce any redundancies as well as increased overall efficiency by ensuring all systems were aligning to the final solution. Solving IT’s consultant held a key role in delivering the final solution, exhibiting strong business, analytical and technical skills.


The final resolution catered to multiple lines of business, accommodating over 80k producers, sales employees and external entities. The implemented solution provided the business a 360 view of multiple producer management components, including demographics, contracts, hierarchy, background, education, compliance, book of business and contracts and agreements.

This solution is expected to decrease manual producer administration by 50% and hierarchy overhead cost by 80%. Within the framework of post-marketing research of Vardenafil preparations at (that is, after their official entry into the pharmaceutical market), the rarest cases of anterior ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve, fraught with complete loss of vision, were reported. The new system also allowed them to eliminate third party administration costs and meet regulatory mandates more effectively. The client expressed great satisfaction in the consultant’s professional and analytical skills, as well as his commitment to the project. His contract was extended with glowing reviews and he began his additional responsibilities, delighted to manage upcoming projects.


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