Open Source Business Intelligence Tech You Should Check Out

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For many businesses operating today, data is king. But the information can’t help the company if you aren’t able to leverage it for better decision-making. While there is a range of suppliers offering business intelligence tech, choosing an open source option gives your business a chance to make certain changes that may otherwise be unavailable. To help you become more familiar with the open source business intelligence tech market, here are a few solutions worth checking out.


First released on 2004, BIRT is sponsored by Actuate with IBM and Innovent Solutions acting as contributors. The system has various components including Report Designer, BIRT Runtime, a chart engine, and more. It can function as a standalone reporting solution, or the features can be added to internal applications thanks to the Design Engine API.

The included feature set is considered quite robust, and the interface is highly intuitive for a user-friendly experience and data visualization. The included Viewer feature allows reports to be displayed through a web-based interface, making the information accessible from almost anywhere.


A creation of JasperSoft, a company acquired by TIBCO, JasperReport is one of the more popular open source business intelligence technologies available today. It is available in two editions, including one created for use by large enterprises, allowing companies to choose the solution that best meets the needs of their business.

Along with a strong reporting feature set, JasperReport uses ETL, OLAP, and server components that improve functionality for enterprise environments interested in integrating with other IT architecture. The system is coded in Java, making it highly accessible to programmers familiar with the language. It also allows the reports to be highly viewable in a range of formats including Excel, HTML, OpenOffice, PDF, and Word.


For companies interested in a full open source business intelligence suite, Pentaho may be ideal. Also available in two editions, including one dedicated to enterprise level operations, the solution includes a range of provisions for data integration and mining, reporting, dashboarding, ETL functions, and OLAP services.

A variety of add-on products is available, including those designed as plug-ins for easier integration. Reports can be formatted as PDFs and in HTML (among others), making the information highly accessible. The application is J2EE based, making it a strong option for companies employing professionals with skills in Java.

SAS Viya

SAS, a leading vendor in the business analytics space, created its Viya platform thanks to the growing demand for open source solutions within the particular IT space. It has the ability to be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and data can be queried using popular languages like Java and Python. Software developers can leverage the system through the REST APIs, making it easy to integrate into larger applications.

The development is considered a major step for a company that previously avoided the open source model, but is positioned to do well in the market.

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