Online Collaboration Tools that are Staying Relevant

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With teams becoming increasingly mobile and workplaces embracing remote options, having the right online collaboration tools in place can be critical to the success of team-oriented projects. There are a range of options that allow you to quickly communicate and share information with others, so determining which solution is right for your staff can feel a bit daunting. To help you evaluate the available solutions, here is an overview of some of the best online collaboration tools that are staying relevant in today’s ever-changing workplaces.


With millions of users around the world and a robust set of features, Slack took the business world by storm and isn’t slowing down. The collaboration platform offers a user-friendly interface that even technophobes can learn to love. The ability to create individual channels for various teams or objectives make organizations more intuitive. Add in voice and video calling options and easy file sharing, and it’s no surprise that Slack has remained a champion in the space.

Skype for Business

A classic in the communications arena, Skype offers people the chance to stay in touch using a variety of methods, including messaging, voice chat, and video conferencing. File sharing is also available, as well as screen sharing during presentations. In addition, team workspaces can be created which allow the group to quickly access relevant content and stay connected all from a single location.


If you are looking for a solution that adds project tracking features to the traditional collaboration solution, then Asana may be an ideal choice. Work can be easily tracked through to-do lists, automated deadline reminders, and the ability to send specific requests to co-workers. Comments can be added and discussed, helping keep all related material in a single place. It does lack some of the more communication oriented features offered by other collaboration tools, which would be a point to consider.


For a high-quality mobile experience with a wide range of integrations, Podio is a top contender. The interface is highly user-friendly, making it a reliable choice for teams that include less tech-oriented individuals. The large array of potential integrations also makes it easy to add to your current solutions. File sharing and project tracking are included, allowing companies the ability to organize a large amount of work into logical partitions. Team-focused communication can help keep conversation details in the ideal location.


For organizations looking for a low-cost solution, you can’t beat the free price tag associated with Ryver. It has features similar to Slack, including the ability to create teams and categorize work. You can also use a variety of filters and even control who sees what information. Filesharing is included, along with a healthy number of integrations. It does lack video calling capabilities, but those may be added when the company finishes developing its official enterprise variant (which will have a subscription cost).

All of these online collaboration tools are strong offerings and at least one of the solutions will likely make keeping your team in touch a breeze. If you are interested in learning more about collaboration and communication tools or are looking for a new person to join your IT staff, the team at Solving IT has the expertise to handle both. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.