Must-Have Chrome Plugins for Salesforce Admins 

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When working as a Salesforce administrator in a complex org, you need all the help you can get. Luckily, many smart people have developed tools to streamline admin tasks. One category of such tools is Chrome Plugins. Chrome is the best browser to use Salesforce in, so it makes sense there are many plugins specific to Salesforce.


Here’s a list of my favorite plugins that I find myself using on a weekly, if not daily, basis:


  1. Salesforce Lighting Extension

This plugin was created by Salesforce. The Salesforce Lightning Extension is where the Lightning Product team at Salesforce releases beta versions of features that aren’t available Out of the Box with Salesforce Lightning. There are a variety of features available at any given time, but the most useful one I’ve found is offering an eye saving dark mode. I’ve discovered that general dark mode plugins often don’t work well with the Salesforce colors, so I really like using this one generated by Salesforce.


  1. Salesforce Logins

As someone who is regularly logging in and out of multiple Salesforce environments as different personas, the Salesforce Logins by Synebo Chrome extension has been a lifesaver. It works as a password saver specifically for Salesforce, and allows you to log into any Salesforce environment with one click. It also offers folders and color coding to make organizing multiple logins even easier!


  1. Better Salesforce Formula Editor

If you’re like me, the out of the box formula field editor in Salesforce can be a little frustrating. It is truly just a text editor with 0 bells and whistles. By installing the Better Salesforce Formula Editor, a new tab is added in lightning that greatly improves the OOTB Salesforce formula editor. The tab features syntax highlighting, tabulation support, and auto-population of fields / metadata. It has made formula writing and editing a much easier process for me saving me and my clients valuable time!


  1. Salesforce Colored Favicons

Salesforce Colored Favicons is a subtle enhancement but one that has made my life so much easier. By installing this Chrome extension, the Salesforce cloud favicon on your browser tab updates to a different color based on the instance of Salesforce you are logged into. This makes it easy to tell which of your tabs is your Production environment, and which is a Sandbox- or potentially several more. As someone who is often supporting multiple clients at once, this tool makes it easy to switch gears at a glance!


  1. Quick Login As

If you find yourself frustrated with going to setup menu, and scrolling through your organization’s list of users every time you need to log in as an employee at your company to troubleshoot an error, this is the extension is for you! If “Administrators Can Login as Any User” has been enabled in your organization, you can simply click the extension in your browser, and all users will appear with an option to login right from whatever Salesforce page you are on. A lifesaver!


These are a few of my favorites, but I’m always looking for new time-saving extensions! I’d recommend continually seeking out new resources because extensions like these are always being added to the Chrome store! Have your own favorite Plugins? Drop them in the comments below.