Microsoft Debuts Its Security Risk Detection Tool

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Microsoft has debuted a new cloud-based service that utilizes AI technology to identify bugs in software. The Microsoft Security Risk Detection tool, previously known as Project Springfield, gives developers a cloud-based space that allows them to find potential security vulnerabilities in applications before they are released, ensuring that customers aren’t faced with issues once the software goes live.

The goal is to provide companies with an efficient mechanism for managing risk detection in a world where larger volumes of software are being created. This helps relieve some of the burden from developers who may already be overtaxed by the increasing demand for new applications.

An AI Helper for Developers

While the Microsoft Security Risk Detection tool can’t fully replace the traditional methods associated with locating vulnerabilities, it can augment the efforts of a skilled development team. The AI uses an automated process, based on the same kind of reasoning an IT professional would use when assessing software through fuzz testing, and searching for bugs. If any issues are detected, the development team can address by fixing the root cause or mitigating the risk in another fashion.

Businesses that have small internal IT development teams may see the most benefit as they can perform more thorough security testing without having to hire more tech professionals or increase the demands placed on their current employees.

Increased Production Rates

As the amount of software being developed continues to grow, having a method to speed up the process of bringing a product to market is highly beneficial. The Microsoft Security Risk Detection tool removes some of the burden from developers without sacrificing the quality of the final product. The system can seek out vulnerabilities that may allow malicious code in or crash an application while the IT team focuses on other tasks until a risk is found.

Since it is a cloud-based solution, it also has access to a level of computing resources that might not be available in every company. This gives you access to a powerful system that won’t bog down internal resources during operation.

Fewer False Positives

Another benefit of the Microsoft Security Risk Detection tool is that it appears to return fewer false positives than other solutions. Since every potential bug must be investigated, reducing the number of false positives is a surefire way to speed up the rate of development.

With the Microsoft Security Risk Detection tool, companies can access cutting-edge features without having to bring in additional support staff or dedicate a large portion of internal resources. This allows for faster development without having to sacrifice security.

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