Lessons in Leadership: Building the Best Team

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What is the #1 secret to success in leadership? Hiring a great team.

Isn’t that what everyone wants – a high performing team? Think of the term ‘team’ in a sports context. A solid team is the absolute core to a winning club, whether it be baseball, soccer, football, hockey, or any of the other team sports.

One of the most commonly used phrases in relation to teams is – “there is no I in team.” Its generally a simple concept, but let’s unpack its true meaning.

The phrase “there is no I in team” is meant to put emphasis on the group efforts and that someone doing too much as an individual could make that collective effort less successful.

Is this that actually true?

Without that individual high effort, is the collaboration of the team enough? To me, it seems that everyone on that team needs to operate at extremely high levels for the overall team to truly be a success. A group of individuals bringing certain strengths to apply toward one common goal. A successful team might need many “I’s” working in conjunction to achieve optimal results.

Can a team allow someone to hide?

Absolutely. If a team is operating well, then perhaps someone has the ability to limit his/her exposure, some of which could show many short-comings. How long can someone hide? How much of a detriment could that bad seed be for your team or business? One individual cannot make a team, but can one individual bring down a team? If someone isn’t pulling their weight, maybe so, but if you put me in a row boat in the ocean – either way, I want a team with me.

It seems there is significantly more scrutiny and exposure in the sports world. Everyone on a team is being evaluated all the time. There is more data and analytics surrounding individual players/contributor now than ever in the past. Hiding in team sports is way more difficult than in the business world. The sports world is simply more results oriented. The business world, for some reason, is way more complex and dynamic. Should that be the case? Business seems to have many layers, processed and procedures, and bureaucracy.

What does this all mean?

At the end of the day, it should be about results. Business owners and leaders want results. Sports owners and leaders want results. The proper team can deliver those results.

Putting together the winning team is the challenge everyone is facing. Solving IT is no different. We are growing like mad and looking for greatness. We are looking for individuals who can make our team better. We want excellent tennis or hockey players. Killer bowlers are also encouraged to contact us. Kidding aside, our firm is trying to gather a very productive group of people from several walks of life who want to succeed. Getting better every day is our goal. I’ve literally heard in the office on a Friday, “am I better today than I was on Monday?” This is fantastic stuff. We want to be great. Join our TEAM.


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