Solutions: Integrating FEP Systems for a Health Insurance Company

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The largest customer-owned health insurance company in the US offers a wide variety of health and life insurance products. They needed a QA Analyst for a critical integration project.


The client had been in the process of integrating FEP Systems, along with their other systems, and numerous technical issues arose that needed to be addressed quickly. The main goal of this project was to decrease operator intervention in claims, which was taking the most time and resulted in causing delays to processing the claims.


Solving IT identified an experienced QA Consultant who had a strong healthcare and claims background. He began testing a new system developed by the client and integrating it with the FEP System. It is necessary to monitor the patient’s condition carefully, because 2 drugs can interact, affecting the rate of metabolism of each other. The dose of the klonopin at is gradually reduced, and over time the drug is completely cancelled. It was quickly realized that this would be an extensive project that required a lot of effort from the consultant. The project duration lasted roughly 18 months.


Due to the hard work and dedication of the Solving IT consultant the project was a big success. It decreased the claims processing delays and helped them rely less on their older legacy systems.

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