Utilizing RPO for Projects

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Many companies have projects in the pipeline that require specific skill sets that may not be readily available in their current workforce. Often you have a few options for acquiring this talent, including hiring a permanent employee with the proper skills, training an existing staff member to fill the gap, or locating a short-term worker to fulfill the project requirements.

In the vast majority of cases, if the skill set isn’t required over the long-term, partnering with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider is often the most cost-effective approach. You gain access to top-tier talent without any long-term obligations.

If you’ve never used an RPO for securing project employees, here are some insights into the process.

Recruitment Processes

An RPO provider is focused on finding high-quality candidates based on your specific needs. They gather your requirements, ask relevant questions to ensure they are on target, and locate job seekers who have the proper skill sets and experiences to manage their portion of the project.

Candidates are fully screened before they are referred to your business. But you remain in complete control, always having the ability to accept or decline a recommendation until you find the ideal match.

Cost Effectiveness

By partnering with an RPO provider, you experience many cost-saving benefits. The provider manages all recruitment costs, including sourcing and screening candidates. Once you find your ideal match, you are not burdened by expenses such as unemployment or workers compensation for that chosen worker. Instead, the RPO provider maintains full responsibility for those costs, lessening the burden on your company.

Administrative costs are also lower. All you need to do is confirm the employee completed their hours and the RPO provider handles everything from there. Payroll, benefits administration, and other similar duties are managed by the provider as well, ensuring your team is not burdened.


When you need a short-term worker for a project, an RPO provider offers an astounding amount of flexibility. You can keep the employee on the project for any duration of time, allowing you to access the skills you need only for the time that you require them.

If your project timelines shift, so can your short-term arrangement. If the project ends up running long, the worker may be extended, allowing you to continue to work with them until completion. If the project is completed more quickly than originally anticipated, there is no obligation to keep the employee.

High-Quality Candidates

Thanks to the rise of the gig economy, there are many highly skilled professionals who specifically seek out short-term projects. This means you can access top-tier talent without having to offer a long-term position.

However, that does not mean you cannot invite the worker to join your staff at the end of the project. Your RPO provider can work with you to determine options to make that transition, allowing your short-term employee to become a permanent member of your team.

If you are interested in learning more about using RPO for projects, the professionals at Solving IT can help you explore your options. Contact us to discuss your needs today and see how our services can benefit you.