Solutions: Improving Contact Management Center Processes

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One of the largest health insurance companies in the United States has always focused on delivering the best services to its nearly 15 million customers including group life, disability, dental, and a range of various individual solutions.


Customer communication and service are two of the most critical components to the organization, so they decided to continue investing and improving upon that. Thus, the project was created to improve their current contact management center processes. The goal was to improve the overall caller experience, in regard to call flows and proper routing. This would ensure that top-notch priority was given in order to supplement many of their current and future business initiatives.


Solving IT identified a highly skilled Contact Management Center Business Analyst, who not only had excellent specialist knowledge in this field, but also extensive experience managing projects and delivering success. He held a vital part in transforming their production call flows, which enabled him to provide valuable recommendations to further improve on their customer communication experience.


The consultant showcased his business and technical skills to fix major production issues with accuracy and high performance, which completed the project in less than three months. The client was extremely impressed with how the consultant achieved set targets, maintained constant quality and cut down on overall processing time. The client decided to assign him to a new project to manage one of the most critical customer communication business toll free numbers at the company. Further searches led to the appearance of a whole pleiad at of drugs in this group, including ativan. They even managed to partially force out powerful, but dangerous barbiturates. This number is not only associated to a single site, but for an entire state. With the new targets and expectations set, the Solving IT consultant is helping the business continue to improve on their customer communication and service goals more and more each day.


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