What Are the Implications of a Cisco and Salesforce Collaboration?

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Cisco and Salesforce announced a strategic alliance with the aim of improving productivity for business users in multiple industries. The venture involves joint development and marketing strategies that combine the collaboration, IoT and contact center solutions offered by Cisco with the IoT Cloud and Service Cloud services provided by Salesforce. This brings together the market leader for collaborative solutions with the top CRM available in the market today.

The intent is to integrate Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, using the Salesforce Lighting Framework, with Cisco Spark and WebEx for real-time collaboration via chat, voice, or video. All of these activities can be completed through Salesforce, preventing the need to access other programs, with the installation of a simple plug-in.

Cisco Jasper and IoT Cloud from Salesforce integrate for visibility and control while providing recommendations regarding customer actions on connected devices. A top-notch customer service solution is also being created jointly to support business users to help manage call center activities more effectively.

Rowan Trollope, the SVP and GM of Cisco’s Applications and IoT Groups made the following statements:

“Our goal is for technology to fade into the background so people can get their best work done.”

Trollope continued with, “Cisco and Salesforce coming together to form a strategic alliance can eliminate the friction users experience today, so that they can become more productive.”

The majority of the integrated services are expected to be available during the second half of 2017, though integration between Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Enterprise are available today by accessing the solution through the Salesforce AppExchange. To take advantage of the combined systems, users will need licenses for Salesforce and Cisco Spark or WebEx.

Potential Implications

The combining of services from two technological powerhouses holds a lot of potential in today’s business work environment. While each company has strong offerings on their own, by integrating some of the most popular services into a single solution can streamline a number of activities by eliminating the need to toggle between different programs.

Any effort that makes business operations easier are well positioned for success, especially since the platforms are successful in their own right. However, the full results will not be understood until all of the solutions become available on the consumer market.

Businesses that already use these key services from Cisco and Salesforce will likely be excited to see the offering come together within a single access point. And companies that are toying with the idea to add one or both of the Cisco and Salesforce individual offerings may be more inclined to make the transition now that the partnership is established.

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