How to Properly Execute a Salesforce Campaign

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Businesses that decide to invest in Salesforce have access to a remarkable tool but may not be utilizing it to its fullest potential. Salesforce Campaigns are a feature that is not as widely advertised as some others, so in turn a surprising number of businesses are not even aware it exists, let alone how to take advantage of it.

Salesforce Campaigns allow you to link your marketing objectives to outside leads. This enables you to track your prospects more effectively from the moment the information is entered, giving you a mechanism to monitor their progress every step of the way. If you are interested in executing a Salesforce Campaign, here’s what you need to know.

The Campaign Members Function

Many companies are familiar with the Lead Source feature, a way to associate a particular contact to their source. But this approach can be limited, as you can only select one Lead Source per contact.

The Campaign Members function is much more versatile, allowing you to connect contacts to a particular campaign, with each member functioning as a child object in Salesforce Campaigns. Once attached, responses from contacts will be tracked and can be combined with other campaign tools to help you do even more.

Campaign Influence

Campaign Influence is an automated tool that lets you monitor the level of influence each campaign has exerted on contacts. The power behind this feature is the ability to observe the overall cumulative effect of a specific campaign, as you can easily see which had the greater influence over leads in comparison to other campaigns.

You can set parameters when viewing the results, allowing you to exclude leads that have only recently been contacted from the calculation, providing them sufficient time to respond before their data is considered.

Campaign Reporting

There are substantial reporting features available with Salesforce Campaigns. Aside from the level of influence, you can also examine how many sales occurred and the value of their purchases, to enable you to quantify your results with greater ease.

Email Marketing

Salesforce Campaigns can easily be paired with marketing automation tools (i.e. Pardot), allowing you to automate some of your sales-generating activities. You can quickly build lists, segment your data sets and send emails entirely within Salesforce.

All the activities tie together seamlessly, allowing you to add new Campaign Members and monitor the status of an email.

Ultimately, Salesforce Campaigns are a simple solution for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, allowing you to centralize your activities and view valuable data to help make adjustments to your approach and reach a peak level of efficiency.

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