How RPO Allows for Scalability

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When it comes to maintaining the proper staffing levels, not every company’s needs are steady or even predictable. Seasonally affected businesses may need to ramp up or down in response to shifting demand, or an organization may see interest in their product temporarily soar as the market for their product makes an unexpected turn.

At times, it doesn’t make sense to bring on permanent staff to meet your workforce needs. If you only require additional resources on a short-term basis, hiring employees can be a less than ideal approach.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) allows for scalability, giving you the ability to adjust the size of your workforce, both up and down, when the need arises. If you aren’t familiar with how RPO allows for growth, here’s what you need to know.

A Recruiting Partner

RPO providers function as a partner, evaluating your needs and creating a customized plan for finding ideal candidates. When you need additional resources, they step in and locate the right professionals to fill vacant roles, regardless of whether the need is short- or long-term.

RPO partners provide extensive screening processes. This ensures that any referred job seeker is a strong match for the position, saving you time when you need to find the right person quickly.

Further, RPO partners adjust their activities to meet your needs, even if they fluctuate. When you need to supplement your workforce quickly, they’ll adapt their approach to find you the candidates you need to maintain your ideal level of operations. If things slow down, they’ll scale back accordingly.

Workforce Management

An RPO provider gives you an unparalleled level of flexibility with it comes to managing your workforce. Temporary workers provided through an RPO are not officially part of your permanent staff. Instead, they remain employees of the provider, removing certain burdens, such as unemployment insurance, from your shoulders.

So, when you need additional workers for a short time, they can be brought as quickly as you need. But once things slow down, you can release them from their assignments without any employment-related repercussions. You get the level of control you need without the issues associated with hiring and laying off your own staff.

Long-Term Relationship

When you work with an RPO provider, their goal isn’t just to fill the vacant positions you have today, but to forge a long-term plan based on your needs and objectives. Their intention is to craft a lasting relationship that ensures you have the right-sized workforce at all times, going well beyond the traditional recruitment model.

Ultimately, RPO is a partner, designed to alleviate the burden of managing a workforce while ensuring you have the ideal employees to help your business thrive, even if your needs fluctuate.

If you are interested in learning more about RPO, the skilled professionals at Solving IT can create a plan that is customized to your needs. Contact us to speak with one of our RPO specialists today and see how our hiring expertise can benefit you.