Why Einstein Analytics is Important to Business

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Companies are collecting data at unprecedented rates, and sorting through the information is cumbersome, to say the least. Analytics have become more valuable than ever before, providing mechanisms to take data and turn it into something useable. Salesforce has developed into a cornerstone in the CRM space, bringing powerful capabilities to organizations large and small. And now, the Einstein Analytics feature looks to give CRM users even more.

What is Einstein Analytics?

To make use of your data, you need powerful tools designed to bring meaning to the chaos. Einstein Analytics provides Salesforce users with self-service, contextually relevant apps that allow them to explore data more easily to discover key insights about the business.

Einstein Analytics is powered by AI, giving it the ability to analyze billions of data combinations. This allows companies to access predictive insights that can help shape the future of the business and view prescriptive recommendations based on the information reviewed.

What Business Areas Are Helped With Einstein Analytics?

Users of Salesforce with Einstein Analytics can review role-specific KPIs, allowing the user to access the information most relevant to their work. Einstein Analytics has pre configured apps focused on the areas of marketing, sales and service, providing a full customer-oriented experience designed to improve production and team performance while supporting customer-service goals. Marketers can learn more about the performance of campaigns and measure customer engagement throughout the processes, and sales professionals can view forecasts designed to help steer their activities towards a path of success.

Taking Action With Einstein Discovery

When you need more than a simple readout, Einstein Discovery has built-in checks designed to confirm the validity of trends and provide easy-to-understand explanations relating to identified patterns. CRM users have access to recommendations to help determine which actions are most beneficial as well as system-created presentations to help explain why a certain course of action is wise.

Data analysts also have access to the background model and algorithms, allowing them to delve deeper into how predictions and recommendations are created using Einstein Analytics. This removes any mystery surrounding the outputs and promotes transparency.

A More Powerful Salesforce

With the addition of Einstein Analytics, businesses can enjoy a more powerful variant of Salesforce. CRM users will have access to more relevant information and will be able to review insights designed to improve performance, increase sales and, ultimately, raise revenue potential. All of this is available in the cloud-based format, ensuring that internal infrastructure limits don’t affect a company’s ability to get the most from Salesforce and Einstein Analytics.

If you are interested in learning more about what Salesforce and Einstein Analytics can do for your organization or need Salesforce resources to join your team, Solving IT has the industry knowledge and expertise to help you choose options that are right for you. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists about how our services can improve your business operations.