Do You Need Salesforce Therapy?

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We recently engaged with three different clients, each with unique situations, but all with one common underlying condition.  They all suffered from Chronic Salesforce Anxiety Disorder.  One client was moving to Salesforce and they did not know where to start.  They bought the licenses months earlier but they could not make sense of the quotes they were receiving from Salesforce Implementers.  The quotes were all over the place regarding scope and cost.  Another client was already using Salesforce in a very limited fashion, had a good understanding of the new functionality they wanted to add, but did not know how to get the project started.  And finally the third client had used Salesforce for 2 years as a data dumping ground.  They knew how to get data into the system, but they did not know how to effectively use the data other than to search for one record at a time.

Salesforce Anxiety Disorder

I completely empathized with each of these clients.  It was only a several years ago that I felt the same way about our internal Salesforce org and I am an IT consultant by trade.  Every time I wrapped my head around one Salesforce concept, there were two more concepts that I realized I did not fully understand.  It takes many hundreds of hours of working with Salesforce to become productive and effective in devising and implementing smart solutions to business requirements.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • The Good: Salesforce is very robust, flexible and capable of virtually unlimited possibilities.
  • The Bad: the possibilities and options are so overwhelming for the average business person that they don’t know where to start.
  • The Ugly: no one has the spare time to spend 500+ hours watching Salesforce training video (485 hours of which do not apply to their specific needs).

Prescribed Therapy

There is no shortcut cure to Salesforce Anxiety Disorder.   You cannot outsource your own therapy.  You must engage with a therapist who asks you personalized questions such as what your childhood was like (where does your data come from?), do you have sibling rivalry (do you have duplicate data?), did your father pay enough attention to you (is your executive leadership on board?) and what really makes you happy in life (which high priority business requirements can we solve together by modifying your Salesforce org?).  Your therapist needs to walk you through your business issues while explaining in detail how your Salesforce implementation can help you reach your desired state of Salesforce Nirvana.  The real power of Salesforce requires that you, the business user truly understands how Salesforce works so you will become a power user and will leverage all that Salesforce has to offer (reports, dashboards, campaigns, etc.).  The best way to achieve your goal is to work with a therapist (aka coach) who only teaches you what you need to know and holds your hand along the way to ensure success.  The one size fits all (training video) or the total outsource approach does not help you become a more effective user of Salesforce the way one-on-one coaching does.  Contact us below for your free psychological consultation.  We promise not to have you committed to an institution, unless of course it is for your own safety.

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