Data Privacy Trends That are Affecting the IT Industry

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Data privacy has become a hot issue across multiple sectors. The risk of a breach is ever-present, and companies have a responsibility to themselves and their customers to ensure all information is stored properly and well protected. To help ensure your business is prepared to weather the changes affecting the IT industry, here are some of the top trends worth keeping an eye on.

Changing Standards and Guidelines

Governments are becoming more involved in issues related to cybersecurity and data storage. The state of California has new standards regarding security controls, requiring organizations that do business in the state to have “reasonable” security practices. New York even proposed specific regulations that target data concerns in the financial services industry, a sector highly dependent on technology to meet their objectives.

On the federal side, the Department of Defense has updated incident reporting procedures while also putting specific security controls in place for systems that manage DoD data. This move is expected to expand, requiring contractors to meet the same standards as the department itself.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has also updated its guidance to small businesses by sharing a list of recommended practices to ensure data privacy.

As more organizations update standards and governments push for additional regulations, companies in the IT industry should anticipate needing to meet these guidelines.

Expansion of The Internet of Things

IoT has presented new concerns regarding data privacy as more businesses and consumers begin providing data to other organizations. Questions surrounding these developments are being examined by the federal government, and agencies like the NIST and the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group are also researching the idiosyncrasies of the evolving technologies.

Examinations of how data is handled after being transmitted through a connected device will continue throughout 2017 and likely for years to come. Companies using applications that support these functions need to be aware of any findings and be prepared to demonstrate that such data can be well protected.

More Involvement in Password Creation

Password breaches that occurred years ago have become a liability for many organizations, especially if customers tend to use the same password for multiple systems. This indicates the time of the traditional password may be coming to an end as more secure options are currently available. With that in mind, businesses will need to take more control regarding password requirements to help consumers keep their data private. This could include requiring regular password changes or implementing two-factor authentication.

Multinational Companies Will Feel New Pressure

The European Union, Canada, and Australia have all issued new requirements and regulations regarding data privacy, and US-based companies doing business in those regions will need to understand those standards. If a data breach occurs and puts international consumers’ data at risk, the consequences could be significantly different when compared to a breach involving only US customer data.

Hire Skilled Security Professionals

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