4 Ways to Avoid the Dark Side of Salesforce Recruitment

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Recently, Grace Tanner shed light on an issue we’ve been battling with for quite some time. The Growing Problem within the Salesforce.com Market highlights the struggle we are all facing when it comes to finding top Salesforce talent: fake candidates.

Identifying a potential fit in our world is music to our ears. These searches take lots of time, resources, and energy to execute, so finding someone with the right criteria can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

As Tanner highlights, many of these resumes have been fudged because employers are looking for mid-level experience, but it’s our job as recruitment consultants to coach both candidates and clients on how to align their skills, experience, and needs to solve problems and present better career opportunities.

How can we possibly succeed when we are being “catfished” like crazy?! The devil is in the details.

Here are 4 ways to avoid this nightmare:

  1. Pre-screen every candidate, extensively

    Leverage experts in your network or online testing software to screen candidates for technical fit. The results of these exams can either a) give context to the candidate’s technical ability or b) unveil or disqualify unsuitable fits. Having a fixed set of questions for each of your primary roles (Admin, Developer, etc.) can speed up the screening process and reduce your time to hire, when executed religiously. If administering an exam, proctor it in person or via video chat to ensure integrity.

  2. Bounce

    As in, verify multiple forms of identification. Ask for copies of the Visa and verify their certifications on Salesforce.com’s publicly available database. Any discrepancies in names, identification, or other red flags should be taken seriously and the relationship should be terminated. Take caution: even the Salesforce verification system can be tricky, as names on certifications are allowed to be changed at this stage.

  3. Write it all down

    If you’ve made it through the screening and verification process successfully, make sure you document confirmation of all details/agreements in an email. Keep record of all documents attained throughout the process and record any disqualifications right away.

  4. Build better relationships

    Avoid the headache all together! Partnering with a recruitment firm that specifically targets Salesforce talent will certainly improve your success rate – and in turn, you’ll circumnavigate this dark side of the industry.

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